These resources I have returned to watch over and over again.  They are packed full of need-to-know information.  These are the secrets to my success.

  1. Back to Eden Film — Paul Gautschi, One of the biggest influences on how I garden.
  2. The Roots of Your Profits — Elaine Ingham, if Back to Eden film is the how, then Elaine Ingham explains the dirty details of why.
  3. Syntropy Agriculture — If you put Paul and Elaine together, you get Ernst Gotsch.  He is doing amazing things with the Syntropy method in Brazil.  Sequestering carbon, changing the micro-climate, rivers and creeks are flowing year around that were once dried up, and huge food yields.
  4. Plant Propagation by Nick Ferguson, learn how to propagate plants like a pro.
  5. Eat to Live by Joel Furhman— This book revolutionized how I think about nutrient dense food.

Permaculture Soils, by Geoff Lawton