Memrise: the Best Smartphone App–Life Hack

​Memrise is the smart phone app that I use the most. I first started using Memrise to study the Chinese language and it’s the best way to study another language that I have found–And I’ve tried all of them out there. 
I like Memrise because it links with other learners and I can compete against them. Right now I’m ranked #7 overall against the other Chinese learners, and… I will be #1! The sense of healthy competition keeps me motivated, where other apps I get lazy and bored.
Another huge thing about Memrise is it’s not just a language learning app, there seems to be an endless amount of subjects to learn about. Other subjects I’ve downloaded: tree identification, mushroom identification, herbalism, 7 Laws of Attraction, and vitamins. 

There is also programming languages, business, stuff for children, and endless infinite amount ofsubjects, I haven’t been able to scroll to the bottom of any of the categories. Treasure trove of learning, and a learning engine that does delayed reinforcement, speed rounds, and competition with other learners.

What apps or life hacks can you not live without?


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