Paul Gautschi, Back to Eden Tour

Grace feeding Tirzah a strawberry

Grace is feeding Tirzah a strawberry.


Paul’s dogs eat a vegetarian diet.  They eat raw chicken eggs, they pull up raw carrots, dig up potatoes, and eat fruit droppings from the orchard.


Tirzah searching for ripe strawberries in the strawberry patch.


Paul’s 16 year old dog, Tovah.  Paul said his dogs eat a nutrient dense food everyday and do not have cancer and hair is still shiny.


Paul is breaking all the commonly held beliefs. Right next to each other, sage (an herb that grows in a desert), next to wasabi (an herb that grows in water).  The blueberry bush in the background is commonly said to need acidic soil.  Yet all are growing together in Paul’s soil that he has built with composted chicken manure and wood chips.


Chickens are Paul’s composting managers.  Paul throws all his garden waste, left over table scraps and wood stove ashes in the chicken pen.  There the chickens will pick and scratch it in to a beautiful black mulch. Which then Paul transfers to his garden beds with a shovel, screen and wheel barrel.


Mason bee homes.  Paul doesn’t have honey bees because they are not as good of a pollinator than the American Mason bees.  Once a honey bee has enough honey they stop pollinating his orchard and garden.



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