Mushrooms for Food and Medicine


This restaurant is near the Big Goose Pagoda in Xi’an city, China.

Mushrooms are misunderstood food in America, but are very nutritionally dense and low calory.  The most important thing to know is they are more medicinally dense compared to pharmaceuticals.  Please consider eating everyday and a wide variety in to your regular diet for superior nutrition.


There is a small handful of deadly mushrooms.  It’s good to learn those first.  The white angel of death for srticular incluimage

ded image


In this picture is shown my Chinese dad about to enjoy a mushroom hotpot meal.  The mushrooms include:

Yang du jun–morel; or literal translation, sheep stomach mushrooms
Song rong–matsutake or pine tree antler
hou tou jun, lion’s mane
xie wei Jun, I’m not sure what this is
bai xue gu, white snow dragon mushroom
ye sheng xiang gu, Shitake
cha shu gu, translation is tea tree  mushroom or willow shimeji or velvet pioppini mushroom
lao ren tou, old man’s head
mu er, wood ear or black fungus
ji song rong, agaricus blazei
xian zhu –sun bamboo shoots
And Enoki mushrooms.


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