Ancient Cypress Trees in Emperor Huang Di’s Gravesite

Grace and her parents and I went to to the grave site and national park of Emperor Huang Di (English translationYellow Emperor), one of the most important historical sites in all of China. Located in the Loess Plateau in Shaanxi Province.

The Yellow Emperor is said have lived and ruled around 2700 BC and is considered the first Emperor of China. All Chinese people believe to have descended from him.

The Yellow Emperor is said to have survived a great flood.  This maybe a parallel history with Biblical recorded history of Moses or his sons.

The Yellow Emperor united many Chinese territories and created the first writing system. 

Through out history the greatest Chinese emperors after have visited and paid homage and prayers to the Yellow Emperor’s grave site.  Including Emperor Qin, the powerful emperor of 200 BC whom is known to have built the Terracotta Warriors.  And more recently Mao Zi Deng, the cultural revolutionary of last century.

It’s humbling to think that I would walk in the footsteps of of the greatest historical Chinese figures. 

The sight is relatively unknown to foreign travelers and tourists.  The tomb is in a remote location and not near other tourist hot spots.  The Chinese culture is steeped in ancestry worship and veneration, westerners typically do not know.

The Yellow Emperor was venerated throughout the past several millennia and celebrated by kings and people even today.

One thing that caught my interests specifically was the ancient Cypress tree grove in the main courtyard, that are said to have been planted by the Yellow Emperor’s own hand.  Later generations have planted hundreds more Cypress trees.  Even over 2,000 years ago.  There may not be any other old growth forests in existence of this magnitude that have been hand planted.

Some of the trees are so thick around the base that it would take 7 people’s outstretched arms to hug the tree.

I was able to take a branch cutting.  I hope to root it or clone the DNA. 

When I get back to America I want to reach out to Archangel Tree Archive in Michigan for their advice.  They are experts at saving the ancient Redwood trees (which are the same family as Cypress trees).

My mind is blown that I was able to get a small cutting of an ancient tree that was planted by the Yellow Emperor, respectively!

I’ll will write more about how I fair with propagating it.



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