Chinese Persimmon Trees


The tree in the picture is a Persimmon tree.  It has a lot of green new Spring growth branches on it.  These should be perfect for rooting some cuttings.  Spring growth branches have young, energetic plant “stem cells.”

Rooting from cuttings is cloning the tree.  Cloning is a good idea since I know this tree to have amazing tasting persimmon fruits; so cloning has the same DNA and would stay the same taste.  As opposed to starting from seed, the gene pool randomizes and possible to get a bad tasting fruit.

Also, my Chinese uncle offered me root cuttings of his tree, which would also be cloning the tree.


We went for a walk in Grace’s uncle’s neighborhood.  There are persimmon’s growing all over in this neighborhood.  I was tempted to steal a branch from another neighbor but I didn’t.


There was a grove of locust trees with seed pods 10 – 12 feet up in the tree.  A man had a bamboo ladder and now I regret not asking him for some seeds from his grove.  I’ll keep my eye out for next time.

Uncle and my in-laws offered me Persimmon cuttings and they saved some seeds for me.  I’m happy and content.

Next I will write about some Ginkgo Biloba cuttings.  This Sunday we will go to a Buddhist Temple where there is an ancient Ginkgo tree.  It would be a miracle if I can clone that!

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