Locust Tree Edible Flowers

Gaoling China

Chinese mom went wild foraging for the edible white flowers of the Locust tree.  Now they are in season.

Grace and I were in Xi’an and not available to go foraging.  But we did help to sell at the farmers market.

“Hui hua, yi quai, wu jin” we called out at the market, which translates to Locust flowers, 1 quai for 5 grams. 

We had two large bags full of the Locust flowers but we were not selling anything.

At one point Chinese mom left me alone to watch our stall, and they went off to buy some vegetables for dinner.  Two older ladies walked by and I said the sales pitch “cai hua…”. And they laughed and walked away.  Grace told me later that cai hua is cauliflower and not hui hua which is the Locust flower.  Woops!

Anyhow, we left without any sales.  Another man that is very successful everyday selling a lot of cabbage advised us to bag up 2 quai bags for people to grab and go more easier.  Instead of using the old school scale to measure it out.

When we were walking home from the farmers market (which is about 3 miles), a man on a electric motor bike stopped and bought from us.  So we started hustling everybody we saw walking home: ladies sitting in the shade, a mother pushing a baby in a stroller, a landscaping crew, a street food vendor.  We made about 6 quai today, which is less than 1 dollar (1 dollar is about 6.4 quai in the latest exchange rate).

Me at the locsl farmers market

I told Chinese mom I’d like to help her to forage for more Locust flowers, but sounds like she is discouraged to get more.  I would like to get some seeds and cuttings to bring back to America.


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