Foraging for Wild Vegetables

Outskirts of Gaoling, Shaanxi Province, near the Jing He River and Wei He River merging together.

Chinese mom, Grace, aunt and little cousin all wild foraging for the wild greens you can see growing all around in the picture.

Edible wild weed

I found the best greens to be growing in leaf litter under trees and brush to be taller, greener and less bug bitten.  The soil being covered is being nourished and protected.  The greens in the open are susceptible to compacted earth, wind erosion, and easier access for other foragers.

We stayed longer than I thought, probably about 5 hours; and harvested maybe 10 – 20 pounds of these edible weeds.  Filled up a large bag, several small plastic bags, and an eco-friendly bag.

I ended up becoming dehydrated and feeling dizzy. Bending over and squatting down for several hours did me in.  My Chinese family tirelessly harvested the whole time.  Cousin finally came back to pick us up in the car with well received bottles of water and tea.

I walked around and found some locust trees and persimmon trees.  I wanted to take some cuttings, but so many people were around staring at me.  Foreigners never go to these small farming villages, so they are surprised to see me.

Next time I’ll post about Persimmon trees. 

Thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Foraging for Wild Vegetables

  1. Sharing pictures & your notes with Sue. She loves the updates and hearing from you! Glad you didn’t find anything similar to poison ivy:). And glad you eventually got water and feel okay now:) Take care, be safe! I remember the car showing up to take us places and then return to get us!! 😀 Enjoy your time! Love and hugs to you both!

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