Most Potent Fertilizer Ever

Saw an eye opening fertilizer practice.  My Chinese family asked me not to take pictures.  They didn’t want me to even know about it.

There are these toilets that are basicly just a hole in the ground that you do your business in.  Westerners often call these, “squattie potties.”. I’ve always assumed after the hole filled up with waste that it would simply be taken to a field to be buried.  Well I was wrong.

The humanure (human manure) was put in a large bucket (wearing a thick mask I might add). 

Also, the ashes from the wood fired earth oven was mixed in.  Ashes are highly rich in minerals.

The humanure-ash mix was poured directly on to the garden around the vegetables.

Next, they irrigated the sunken garden bed and filled it up with water.

Humanure is dangerous practice, I would not recommend it; unless you give it a year or more for the pathogens to run their course and break down to a safe level. 

My Chinese family have been practicing this way for longer than I’ve been alive; and it has been passed down for 1,000’s of years.

Thanks for reading about my adventure in learning Chinese farming.  Follow this blog to be notified of the next content.


2 thoughts on “Most Potent Fertilizer Ever

  1. Oh my!! Will you keep eating their fresh vegetables?
    Where are you staying? What city was the noodle factory in? Looked like maybe new or newly remodeled building. It’s great you get to spend time with family. How is Grace’s brother and family? Have fun!! Talk soon! Love to you both!


    1. We’re staying with Grace’s parents in Gaoling. The noodle factory is near the airport in Xi’an. Evwrbody is doing good.


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