Headed to China

My last day at the job ended yesterday.  Tough to say good bye to so many people that I’ve developed friendships with.

But the beginning of the rest of my life begins…


So this blog site will have to be quiet for awhile due to WordPress is blocked by Chinese government.  Grace and I are traveling to China for a month or so.  I believe all American social media to be blocked by the Great Fire Wall of China: including Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

While in China I hope to look around for some unique edible plants.  I’ll have my eye out for Ginko Biloba, leek, ginseng would be a huge find, cordyceps would be miracle find, goji would be awesome; but I’ll just look for normal veggies too, like spinach, cucumber, etc..

My Chinese family has persimmon trees and the fruit tastes amazing!  Persimmon fruit is an important medicinal in China; also is said to be the “fruit of the gods” in ancient Greek history–and I can taste why!  Anyhow, my Chinese family has been saving me seeds from last harvest and offered some root cuttings.

I hope to have many pictures updated on this blog so don’t forget about me!

Feel free to like and comment below.  It inspires me and I promise to respond back.

Keeping the adventure alive,

Farmer Don





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