Compost, Interviewing, and WordPress App


I want to blog more consistently and let you know what I’m up to.  So I downloaded the ap for WordPress and trying it out now, and will upload through 4G. So far it looks exactly the same as the WordPress dashboard on a desktop computer.

In other news, at my new house I bought recently, I’ve been out raking up last falls leaves, sticks and Catalpa tree bean pods.  Also, I swept the roof of the garage that had a great composted organic matter that I will add all together into one big compost pile.  I turn the pile every now and then to try and speed up the microbiology break down of the bigger sticks.

I had an interview with Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee to help with their growing season.  HTF is a non-profit that grows 100 tons of food a year and gives it all away to the poor.  I have specific training for the job from helping out the Care Garden at The Chapel Libertyville.  I think I’m a good fit but we’ll see if they choose me.


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