Benefits of Wood Chip Covering

Here is a list of benefits of wood chips from Growing Food God’s Way by David Devine.

  • insulate soil from extreme cold;
  • cool land surfaces in extreme heat;
  • retain sub-surfaces in extreme heat;
  • release, or redistribute excess moisture;
  • are resilient to prevent compaction; (even under extreme weight);
  • can neutralize soil pH;
  • add minerals and essential elements to the soil;
  • at times, provide spores that enables quicker decomposition of beneficial plant material;
  • protect the soil from airborne weed seeds and makes weed removal easier;
  • allow for cleaner harvests of produce, with little or no dirty residue;
  • filter out harmful liquid soil inputs: and
  • act, in conjunction with rain, to make natural compost tea that,
  • stimulates increased earthworm, nematode, and micro-biologic activity in soils.

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